Collaboration and performances with artist Paul Lorenz

I’m delighted to have collaborated with artist/architect Paul Lorenz.

Paul has been investigating on creating musical compositions based on art, design and architecture. I have met Paul during his 3-week residency at my dear friends, artists and curators Louise Sayarer and Eva Vikstrom at

I believe we managed to materialise his concepts and translated his composition from paper into sounds pieces. The process in the studio was interesting as we were layered each instrument of the pieces and created the composition. I am very intrigued in this unique approach of creating music and I am looking forward to work with Paul again in the near future.

The compositions are created and based on the Heygate Estates in London and were performed at the Hackney Wicked Festival and at the gardens of The Heygate Estates.

Paul Lorenz –
Isik met Knutsdotter  –
Hackney Wicked Festival –
Photography – James Prorok and Andrew Smith

Video: MOTION 7 Rhythm Analysis
PAUL LORENZ_3_2013-08-20

Video: Paul Lorenz – 14 Pianos and a Pencil


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